Molly Misery: Fashion Designer for the Rock Gods

Today’s ‘Check it Out’ pays homage to the amazing and talented up and coming designer Molly Misery.
Working out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Ms. Molly has a talent for making custom leather studded jackets. Her alternative styled jackets are mostly known within the 30 Seconds to Mars fan base. She has designed two jackets themed around the band.
The first design a white leather jacket she designed for herself:

The second is known as the “War Jacket” its design inspired by 30 Seconds to Mars’ latest album, “This is War.” She gave this jacket away to one lucky fan on Tumblr.

She also designed a jacket for Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn. The lyrics, “Just a Cannibal” come from his band’s hit song, “Animal.”

Her latest creation was a Neon Trees vest.

Molly is a freelance fashion designer who makes amazing alternative custom jackets for any size. You can contact her personally, tell her what type of jacket or vest you want, and she’ll make it. Simple as that.
Love a specific band and want to display your affection at their concert by sporting a bad ass leather jacket? She can make you one!
Just want something you can look rad in as you and your hooligan friends paint the town red? She’s got you covered.
And if you’re in a band and want a jacket to rock the stage with, she would be more then happy to oblige. Hell, if she digs your music she might even make you one for free.
If you want to learn more about Molly, contact her via her Tumblr site here. There you can ask her questions about her designs and even place a custom order if you are interested.
She is very fair about pricing, and can make a jacket for anyone of any size.
credit : http://astrodramastical.com/?p=360