Hot Dude Of The Day: Jared Leto's Built-In Shearling Hand Muffs

Jared Leto spotted in West Hollywood on March 15.
Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline

Listen, muffs aren't cool on dudes (no pervy low-hanging-fruit jokes here, people), but somehow Jared Leto's shearling-pocket-muff-trench-hybrid thing makes keeping warm kind of awesome. The 30 Seconds to Mars frontman was spotted outside Red O Mexican restaurant (mmmmm... enchiladas) in West Hollywood wearing baggy black pants, a black tee, Creative Recreation Dicoco High Top Vapor sneakers, and a military-esque gray coat with shearling-lined pockets that scream, "LOOKKK ATTT MEEEEE!!! I AM KEEPIN' ISH TOASTAAAY." Mr. Leto never fails to amaze us with his incredibly fascinating outwear choices: first a giant snuggie poncho, then a fringed shoulder pad jacket, and now a muff-trench. What will Jared wear next?! We're banking on a SUPER amazing (and spring-ish!) denim jacket with tons of studs and leather, a collar trimmed in 24k gold, and, like, lasers that shoot out of his buttons while simultaneously wafting the smell of pancakes into every room he enters. MAKE THIS HAPPEN, JARED.