30 Seconds to Mars Promise ‘Greatest Time Of Your Lives’

[...] With music critics at last month’s Soundwave Festival in Sydney, Australia bowled over by Jared’s ability to energetically “bounce around the stage” during the band’s performance, lead guitarist and keyboard player Tomo Milicevic also spoke out about the band’s impending Yas Islands Show Weekends 2011 gig at the FLASH Forum, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

“I know Jared’s been trying for a while to get to some different places,” he told Beat magazine. “For us, touring is… about the experience. We want to travel and we want to see different places, and if there’s people out there who want to have a concert experience with Thirty Seconds To Mars we’ll come there.

“We want to experience different cultures and just see what’s out there. We have this amazing opportunity to contribute to local culture in a way that’s unique, and we feel very lucky about that.”

So, what can the Gulf’s Thirty Seconds To Mars fans expect from the LA-based rock band’s first live show in the region?

“We justwant to go out and give people the greatest time of their lives,” says Tomo.

credit: jared-leto.net