30 Seconds to Mars Penthouse Show

30 Seconds to Mars Performance Pics
30 Seconds to Mars Performance Pics
30 Seconds to Mars Performance Pics
What a show! What can I say from the moment that I got in line to get in I could already hear people getting turned away. There were so many fans waiting in line at 6:00PM and the show didn’t start until 7:00PM. It was actually very heart breaking to see some of the fans get turned away but from what I could see it was already packed.

When I got to the patio the vibe was really chill. The DJ was playing some classics while people were eating, hanging out and drinking. The food was really good! They had tacos, quesadillas and chips and salsa. Everybody I mean everybody was taking advantage of the free food, there was not one person that didn’t have a plate in their hand.

By 6:30 the place was pretty much packed with all different kinds of people, mostly guys actually. It was to the point where I couldn?t walk without bumping into people. Surprisingly when I went to go get more chips, there was still food and people in line to get food.

The DJ was consistent in playing music that everyone was really jamming to, I could see people by the couches in the lounge area bobbing their heads so the DJ was doing a good job. The DJ was playing from Nirvana to Bob Marley, so it was really chill.

By 6:50 the place was as packed as it could get, there was no room to walk and everyone was pretty much ready to see the band. Everyone got moved to the patio where the band was actually going to perform at 7:00 and everyone sat around the stage, there were even people watching from the balcony up top. Josh came out and introduced himself and announced that the band would come out shortly.

The band was very quick at coming out and when they did the crowd went crazy, that’s when I really knew that there were actually girls around because I could hear them screaming once Jared Leto came out. Only Jared and Tomo Mili?evi? came out to the stage. Shannon Leto was there but he wasn’t on stage. As soon as Jared came out he started coughing and told everyone that he was really sick and to not get close to him. He?s actually a pretty funny guy, he was joking the whole time.

Jared and Josh talked for a bit about how Jared felt about coming home and being sick while performing and Jared said that he didn’t really mind, at least they didn’t cancel. Jared then asked the crowd what song they wanted them to play and the crowd started screaming a whole bunch on different songs but the one that stood out the most was “Hurricane” so he sang that one first. That crowd started singing along with him to the point where he stopped singing and the crowd took over. He didn’t completely sing the whole song he just did a short version of it.

After that song, Josh asked him another question which was “How was it traveling to Haiti” and Jared said that he always loved Haiti and loved that the people there always managed to be so sweet and a true inspiration. That got him talking about the book that he wrote, which is called, “Plan for Haiti” and it basically talks about his journey of going to Haiti when he was a little kid to now. He?s also going back to Haiti help and raise money. After that he sang “Alibi” and it was a slower song so everyone was really quiet and he didn’t really like that so he stopped singing it and said he wasn?t going to sing anymore if no one else sang with him. The crowd then started saying “No! Keep singing” So then he started singing “From Yesterday” and the crowd really responded to that song. Jared had a smile on his face and said “That’s what I’m talking about.”
30 Seconds to Mars Performance Pics
30 Seconds to Mars Performance Pics
30 Seconds to Mars Performance Pics
Josh then asked him the last question which was “When are they going to start recording again?” Jared basically responded that there was a lot going on right now with touring in different countries, from Europe to Asia to back to the US. He said that they were probably going to be touring until September so they were pretty busy with their schedule. Jared also said that he’s written about a hundred songs but none of which he thought were worthy to be on an album.

The band then started playing “Kings and Queens” and everybody I mean everybody was singing this song. Jared started off by saying that he wanted the crowd to start the song with “woows” because the beginning of the song starts with them “woowing” (if that makes sense) so they crowd went crazy with that, it was pretty awesome to experience. Even Jared was surprised at how the crowd reacted. Then after that they finished with “War” and everyone really responded to that as well.

None of the songs he sang were full songs, they were just versions of the songs. After that everyone lined up to take pictures with band. The line was pretty long but it went really fast. I thought it was really neat that everyone was able to take pictures with the band. Other than the fact that it was really cold it was awesome! The fans really liked it and were really supportive of the band. It was a really great show!

-Sonia Esquer
credit : http://www.987fm.com/