Transmission: Kerrang! Magazine Feature on Jared's Haiti Photobook, Doctor/Medical Theme Night Photos, and more!

Transmission: The Official Thirty Seconds to Mars Newsletter

Doctor Night

This Week - 02/02/2011

Jared Leto in Haiti Feature in Kerrang! Magazine
Haiti Feature in Kerrang Magazine

Kerrang! caught up with Jared on his trip to Haiti last month. Jared talks of the experience during his visit and the Photo Book of Haiti he is releasing to raise money toward aid for the country. Check out the article on the latest issue of Kerrang! - in stores now.

Photos From Doctor Night

Doctor Night photos

Theme Night in Denver, Colorado was Doctor/Medical Night, and the band and audience geared up in their scrubs, stethescopes, and homemade MARS Asylum uniforms. Check out some of the photos HERE and share your photos as a comment on the page!

HP Photo of the WeekHP Photo of the Week

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