REGARDING EARLY ENTRYAfter receiving numerous requests from fans around the world we at Golden Tickets decided to remove the ‘early entry’ element from the packages.

We did this not to take something away from anyone but to give those fans who cannot afford GT’s a chance to earn the right to watch the show from the barricade the good old fashioned way. By getting to the show early, being patient, and waiting in line.

We did not anticipate some of the concern some of you have regarding early entry and we apologize for not addressing this sooner. Our intentions were to do the right thing for the majority of ticketholders and give everyone an equal opportunity. We hope you understand.

We are putting our heads together to find a solution that leaves everyone happy and excited.

In the meantime, as always, we are interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas about how the experience can be a better one. We are always curious about ways we can make the experience an even more unique one and are happy to continue offering things that few bands do, including the opportunity to watch a show from the side of stage or even to be on the stage for K+Qs.

Please feel free to send productive thoughts our way as we love to hear from you.

Our goal is to help provide you all with an unforgettable and fun filled night!

Thanks for your patience as we learn how to do a better job for you.

-the Golden Tickets family