5 questions to Jared Leto (30 Seconds To Mars)

Rock star told us about his childhood, disadvantages and love to music.

Bravo: Tell honestly- have you always wanted to be actor and musician?

Jared: Already from my childhood I have known that my destiny is art. I have always felt dislike to “normal life”. I have never wanted to have a usual job and been only a piece of large machine. I have wanted to tried different things, tasted a life. Because of this being artist, actor, musician have always been an ideal solution.

Bravo: How mention you your childhood?

Jared: I brought up in poor family. We were tramps and we moved again and again. My mom worked as photographer and she liked to travel. When I was little, I lived in different states: I was born on a south of USA, in Louisiana, but them we moved to north, on Alaska. For a while we even lived in Brazil and Haiti. My childhood was like travel of dream, full of adventures, but difficult challenges too.

Bravo: Why new album of you band is called “This Is War”?
Jared: For some past years we non-stop fought- with journalists, critics and labels. It was real war! Ferocious, brutal and bloody. We fought with everyone, who wanted to change us. We don’t like, when someone has an influence on us against to our beliefs. Finally we struck up a peace, but we are pleased that we attempted a fight, because this make us stronger as a band.

Bravo: Do heard this on your new album?

Jared: It seems to me. Fans, who contact with me, approach our music and sound very emotionally. I have talked with soldiers, who got back from Iraq. They said that the only one, what let them, even for a while, forget about horror of war, was our songs. It’s only show, such power music can have.

Bravo: Do you have any disadvantages?

Jared: I do anything for bottle of… spicy sauce. I spice its everything. I know that this is unhealthy, but I’m addict to this.

[PHOTO: Actor Jared Leto (38 years old) from 12 years already is a leader of rock band 30 Seconds To Mars.]

Credit: webteam30stm