30 SECONDS TO MARS IN Teraz Rock, January 2011.

30 Seconds To Mars

Debuted 30 Seconds To Mars album is located somewhere between modern rock, nu metal and screamo, hook up with industrial because of icy electronics which come into effect skillfully put between heavy guitars in tunes like Capricorn (A Brand New Name). Anyway drummer Shannon Leto go in for reach for synthetic sound of drums (Edge Of The Earth, Echelon).

A against to another albums, on a debut is little less memorable melodies, but they are here too (chorus of Capricorn). Band bet on vibe that highlight in dark Fallen- not only thanks to featuring of Maynard James Keenan, but thanks to characteristic guitars and bass guitars parts.

A Beautiful Lie

It seems to it doesn’t big revolution, but from first beats of Attack is to hear that we have to do with new 30 Seconds To Mars. Expression of Jared Leto’s sing complete with expressive tunefully of composition give for it new for this band elegance. Amplification of ring in bigger consistency in build melody came to fruition with tunes like The Kill, From Yesterday or title song- with unobvious solutions of ring, that make whole dynamic.

Expressive choruses of The Fantasy and Savior, in which Jared can screaming, develop screamo esthetic of the band, but all is much more grounder and richer than on a debut album. Here come out Leto brothers’ inspirations of creativity of The Cure (Was It A Dream?), Bjork (cover of Hunter added to deluxe edition), and postgrunge’s music too (ballad The Story).

This Is War

Is it an accident that 3rd 30 Seconds To Mars album, similar to 3rd U2 album has word “War” in a title, and in production of both participated Steve Lillywhite? Maybe, because despite of this, that Jared Leto’s band increasingly come closer to design of Bono’s band, we find here more accents typical for The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree than for War. Sung as strong as had power in lungs choruses of tunes like Night Of The Hunter or Closer To The Edge give space to energy, so characteristic for U2’s accomplishments recorded under the view of duo Eno/ Lanois. However this similarity is only superficial, because in a core of 30 Seconds To Mars still dominated prefix “nu”, though this time more rock than metal. Long, developed compositions glamorously reconcile maturity with youthful passion (in this band have help in the shape of choir composite from thousand fans). Progressive motifs in electronic frame in Stranger In A Strange Land are proof for musicians’ opened horizons, on the other hand intimate beauty of Alibi soothe by soft sounds of piano and guitar in The Cure’s style. This Is War is beautiful and touching album, for sure critical for the band.


December 14th 2010, Torwar Hall, Warsaw

30 Seconds To Mars

On the beginning was Escape, on the final Kings & Queens, exactly like in August during Cracow’s concert on Coke Like Music Festival. However setlist was very similar. In fact, they played the same songs like then. So, was almost whole This Is War, except only Stranger In A Strange Land; last time missed also Hurricane, this time performed while a encore, just before Kings & Queens, but tune waited great video in the meantime and it couldn’t be miss. And setlist completed songs from A Beautiful Lie, some more than previously, because beside A Beautiful Lie, Attack, From Yesterday, The Kill was also Was It A Dream? and The Fantasy, anyway in great version with hypnotic, rhythm’s intensify final, what was turned out as well the final of main part of concert. Newness was mostly- in acoustic block- song Bad Romance from Lady Gaga repertoire, which wonderfully dignified in Jared Leto’s perform. But appeared absolute surprise too. In one moment vocalist- this time without mohawk, with hair colored to green- asked public what they want to hear. Capricorn- someone shout. And we heard- in the same acoustic part- subtle version on Capricorn (A Brand New Name) from first, little forgotten, band album. Overall was nineteen songs. Not so much, because concert lasted only one and half hour. And much as well, because during European tour, which band was in Warsaw on, setlist spanned usually fifteen, sixteen, maximum seventeen tunes. Only several times was eighteen, never nineteen. And Capricorn, except public on Torwar heard only fans in Birmingham. Perhaps this give emphatic evidence, that Jared really fell in love with Polish public and words: Poland, I love you, love you, love you so much! must be dealing literally. But public also received 30 Seconds To Mars powerful. Choral sing in closed room even powerfully than outside, really came off better than on This Is War. Fans prepared also surprise for a band: perhaps during song 100 Suns created from prepared earlier white (on platforms) and red (on plate) pieces of paper and material huge Polish flag. Jared thanked for this sign with real feeling.

So, was almost identical like in Cracow: similar setlist and equally enthusiastic public. And the same ideas for diversification a show, like jump in crowd or invitation to collective performance Kings & Queens on stage big group of fans. But however was different. And it’s not only because in a closed room group’s music sounded more clearly and they light’s show give an impression of more refined. Radical difference depend on this, that in contrast to a bit chaotic Cracow’s concert- do you remember this interrupting of songs under a any veil?- Warsaw’s gig had carefully measured dramatics with grading tension, with skillful drawing curtain away in time, with turning up ring in moments of culmination. In Cracow 30 Seconds To Mars delighted a public by powerful dose of rock madness, in Warsaw didn’t miss crazy, uncontrolled fun with share of public, but appeared also element of prepared in the minutest details music show. How they surprise us third time? Because they will come, without a doubt. Jared promised this from stage and I believe, that will keep this words.

As a support performed reputedly band The Natural Born Chillers, but when I reached to Torwar, were no mark after them.

[PHOTO: Jared really fell in love with Polish public.]


I want to introduce replay of This Is War cover. Because cat is tiger too and it can appear on a cover…



Acting and music often go in pair, but rarely famous actor can persuade fans by own music- the same as rarely happen that famous musician shone in movie.

Distinguished Mick Jagger’s role in movie Performance (dir. Nicolas Roeg, 1970) didn’t guarantee him lasting place on big screen. Next roles in movies Ned Kelly (dir. Tony Richardson, 1970) or Freejack (dir. Geoff Murphy, 1992) didn’t met with appreciation of fans and critics. Nothing unusual, because for the most of people Mick Jagger isn’t an actor, but leader of The Rolling Stones. The same as Madonna, singer and scandalist, not necessarily actress and director. And Russell Crowe is basically actor, not musician. In our country actors are becoming presidents, I’m only singing in a rock band.- playing down Jared Leto, who have played unforgettable roles in movies like Fight Club (dir. David Fincher, 1999) or Requiem For A Dream (dir. Darren Aronofsky, 2000), and also vocalist and leader of still going up in popularity’s ladder formation 30 Seconds To Mars. This is next to David Bowie one of the sparse incidents when one person conduct independent of each other two career, musical and film, and in both areas achieve not little successes and get appreciation of fans and reviewer, as musical as film.

[PHOTO: Tomo Milicević, Jared Leto and Shannon Leto on the way of changing.]


If Jared made his CV, that chronological in first order would have to write an acting. First role passed in series My So-Called Life. It was in 1994, so eight years before album’s debut of started up with brother formation 30 Seconds To Mars ( written also: Thirty Seconds To Mars). Music in his life have been presented in his life from early childhood. Mum have taken us on the concerts when we were little.- he mentioned.- I have seen then Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. When I was a little bit older I saw Nine Inch Nails and The Cure- these concerts imprinted stamp on me and became a decided part of my youth.

When brothers Jared and Shannon Leto created a band in 1998, they were relatively 27 and 28 years old. Jared have had a status of budding actor already, so it’s understandable, that 30 Seconds To Mars was reckoned by them as a hobby. Because Shannon from early childhood have showed interested in drums (From the earlier years I banged on pots and frying pans, but my first pad to practices I got when I was 3.- he have said), he sat behind drums. Jared took up a function of vocalist, guitarist, lyrics author.

This team was enough to playing on makes music in garage, but when they must to come on the stage, other musicians have been indispensible. In 1999 group expanded by guitarist Kevin Drake, which in 2001 relieved Solon Bixler. In the same time joined bassist Matt Wachter. Bixler, similar to his predecessor, didn’t spend a long time in band. In 2003 relieved him born in Sarajevo Tomo Milicević. On the beginning we have changed a name for every concert.-mentioned origins Jared.- We gave here and somewhere odd performance, played one or two songs. But then we decided to move it to different level, share by our music with more fans.

Musician from the beginning liked to wear their creativity in rich imagery and metaphoric. The name of band itself, 30 Seconds To Mars is ambiguous. It’s atmospheric and climatic.- admitting Jared.- Order you to ask the questions. It establish to technical attainments and their artistic side. Purportedly it was scooped from the book Argus Apocraphex by unnamed Harvard’s professor. In fact it’s one of many Leto brothers’ jokes, wink made to fans, who like search hidden meaning in band’s creativity.


When you recording your debut album been after 30 years old, had status of Hollywood star and two times have sawn yourself in ranking of the most beautiful faces of the world by “People” magazine, you can jump over phase in which you play in cheesy saloons for measly money and banging on labels’ doors, what the most of debuted bands know so good. 30 Seconds To Mars from the beginning have in within of hand the best studios and great producers, but Jared have never used his film career as springboard for promotion of the band. We have played with everyone, literally everyone.- he mentioned.- One time we’ve played before Mexican grindcore band, before metal, rock, folk bands. They’ve played where we can- churches, saloons for motorcyclists near roads, even libraries. Somewhere on American province, far from noise of big cities, where in leader not always recognized Harry Goldfarb from Requiem For A Dream.

But when came the moment to record a debut album, band used an occasion and went nuts. Musicians rented empty storeroom, where in quiet can put the finishing touches on ideas (they prepared over 50 tunes, which chose 11 from). For producer they assigned legendary Bob Ezrin, who was responsible for sound of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Lou Reed’s Berlin. Bob Ezrin from the beginning have been on our list- admitted leader.-We have felt, that he will be able to help us with getting breadth and scope of this what we care about. They’ve recorded in several places, for example in Sunset Sound Studio in Hollywood, where has recorded sounds for Walt Disney’s films and where have recorded, among other things The Doors, The Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin. Between guests who supported band in recording, appeared figures like Maynard James Keenan (leader of Tool and A Perfect Circle) and Danny Lohner (the best known from collaboration with Nine Inch Nails). Both have participated in tune Fallen.

Premiere of an album was moved on almost one year. We wanted to released it in 2001, but came September 11th and everything was changed.- is saying vocalist. Changed a title, from Welcome To The Universe to 30 Seconds To Mars, changed also CD’s image. Jared: Original project of a cover showed war, it was beautiful image of something extremely violent. Something like this wouldn’t work out after September 11th.

Record, which was released in summer 2002, met with accept, found out on the beginning of second hundred of “Billboard” list, what for a debuted, alternative music band was good achievement. In press appeared comparisons, for example, to Tool, Pink Floyd and Rush. BBC called the band representative of 21st century’s alternative rock, though met critical opinions. Album is ruined by Leto’s gibber, pretentious poetics and courteoused sound of heavy guitars.- have written in no so much highly review “Rolling Stone”.

Group have gone into tour for promoting album. The shared stage for example with bands Puddle Of Mudd, Incubus and Billy Talent. In 2003 band took part in detoured festival Lollapalooza. According to Tomo Milicecić it was breakthrough in 30 Seconds To Mars’ history: We went out with our flag in crowd, gathered fans, who proceeded after us by our stage and when we got round there, we started to play.

Band pay a big attention for good relations with fans. Our fans are very dedicated.- admit Jared- They, by they devotion define what 30 Seconds To Mars is. This is giant, dysfunctional family. These people have great, creative influence on us.


When the time to record a second album came, vocalist had to reconciled recording terms with schedule of works on movie set. He has played then in Alexander (dir. Oliver Stone, 2004) and also Lord of War (dir. Andrew Niccol, 2005). Because of this recording of album A Beautiful Lie was spreading in time and was held in different places on the world: in New York, Los Angeles, Alaska, Republic of South Africa. This had a big influence on us.- admitted Jared, meant recording in different places.- You can’t going somewhere far and stay unchanged. It’s impossible. These places have a power in themselves, what helped me with created very sincere, violent sincere, album, which we are very proud of.

Except of this, no so much was changed. The only change relate to first CD was fact, that other people had an influence on process of creation and they inspirited me. In fact, we all inspirited each other for making the best album which we can. Previously time I played on all instruments except drums, and this time Matt and Tomo added something special from themselves. I still write a songs and no one tried to change this. We all tried to help ourselves became this band, that we dreaming about to be.

A Beautiful Lie’s producer become Josh Abraham, known the best on numetal stage as collaborator of bands Korn, Limp Bizkit and Soulfly. About lyrics’ layer vocalist has said: Tunes was wrote from point of view of someone, who came out at the crossroad, someone who must make an important decisions, what can changing his life. If I were an expert of marketing I would say that this is a story about love, death, chaos…

After releasing second album band 30 Seconds To Mars was coming on first tour, where they were a stars on. We became a professional “opener”, what was great, because we learned so much from bands, with who we performed, who we respect and admire, like Incubus, Audioslave and Jane’s Addiction, and also these younger, like The Used. We have many mutual experiences, but begin a time to go to own’s and presenting ourselves in this way, that we always wanted.


Years 2006-2007 was for 30 Seconds To Mars string of successes. Video The Kill was prized by MTV2 and also on Australia’s MTV Video Music Awards. Award was gotten also on MTV Europe Music Award, and “Kerrang” magazine announced them the best new band of 2007, acknowledged The Kill as the best single of the year. In January 2007 album A Beautiful Lie coated by platinum.

According to Murphy’s Law, if something work without problems it’s mean that in a while will happen catastrophe. Men to string of successes had to added less optimistic events. In 2007 Matt Wachter left a team, since this time with band is concerting Tim Kelleher, but he isn’t the official member of 30 Seconds To Mars. More serious problems have come in 2008 when label Virgin take to court them for a sum 30 million of dollars, arguing, that band didn’t provide them three long plays in appointed time. From our side is looked so, that we regarded that we have a right to fight for some things.- explained Tomo in a talking with “Teraz Rock”.- We’ve talked about this in a band and set that we want changes. But in these time label haven’t want to negotiate with us so much. The rest is a history. It was terrifying, that’s right. But it didn’t stopped us. This kind of situations learn you how to fight, toughen you and give will to survive. For sure, it didn’t weaken us. Finally petition retracted and band stayed in corporation Virgin/EMI.

Attachment to fans, what we wrote about above, band manifested in special way when they recorded 3rd album. We wanted to capture on this a spirit of our performances.- Tomo has told us.-Jared hit on fantastic idea about sending to all our fans invitation to participation in recording if they want. And really, came to us, to Los Angeles, over one thousand fans to participate in this project which assumed using a group of people as alive instrument. It meant about every sounds which human can make: speak, sing, clap, whistle. For example in song “Vox Populi”- this, what heard in intro, is only kids- sang, stamped, clapped.

This project has called The Summit. First summit took place in Los Angeles, next was in nine different countries of a world, and also through the mediation of Internet. Other project- Faces Of Mars- depended on this, that band chose two thousand of photos of faces sent from fans which then was randomly put to particular copies of CD and sent to shops. This way album This Is War, what saw the light of day in 2009 has recorded number of two thousand different covers.

In production of this album again took part famous figures. This time it was Flood and Steve Lillywhite, so people associated for example with U2. We worked with Flood because we thought that this is a best person who guide us on way what himself has wandered much times. This is a way of changing. As a band we was ready to make a step forward, break the rules, confront with changing, start anew.

Jared see in a whole album some kind of conceit: This is an album talked about conflicts, devotion and belief. Album debuted on 18th place in “Billboard” list, what was the biggest commercial success of 30 Seconds To Mars in USA.

[PHOTO: 30 Seconds To Mars with gold records for selling This Is War in Poland. 3rd from left- Piotr Kabaj, general director of EMI Music Poland.]


Leader of a band efficiently operate on two fronts, don’t wanted to sacrifice as music as acting. Jared loves acting and loves music, but for him these are two different, independent things.- Tomo has told us.- As an actor he pretend odd character, speak a words written by someone else, recreate someone’s vision. I know he loves this, but music is his own. He creating it and express there this, what himself want to confess.

To job by actor Jared approach very serious. In a necessary of movie Chapter 27 (dir. J. P. Schaefer, 2007) where he played the murderer of John Lennon- Mark David Chapman, he put on weight 27 kilograms, and it’s good to know that he is a vegan. It didn’t the only challenge for him. Gone into murderer’s psyche turned out as much difficult. I’m not trying to justify Mark or sympathize with him- he has said.-but I had to analyzed everything, what happen before December 1980.Because of this I came to his family city, talked with his old friends, with family. I tried to understand, who he was. He was a man, who loved The Beatles and committed so terrible crime. Were a days on plan, when I was physically ill, because I had to stage some scene. It’s easy to show him as a monster, but as an actor, I didn’t have to give in stereotypes.

Last successes of a band for sure are healthy balance for Jared, who on a concerts can abreact stresses connected with acting, and casually shed needless weight. Big tour promoted This Is War, called Into The Wild, came to Poland twice. First in August 2010 group was one of a stars on Coke Live Music Festival in Cracow and in December play own, sold out concert on Warsaw’s Torwar Hall.

Jared can’t explained for excess of free time. Sometimes it’s difficult to quieten.- he admit, but when his succeeds in do this, he reads a books or edits short films. We have much of hard work, but we have never explained because of this. We are happy that we can do this. This way is realized dreams.


Acting hindsight of Jared come to fruition by film music videos of 30 Seconds To Mars. But leader of group by the way makes one more his dream come true- being director.

Hidden himself under pseudonyms Bartholomew Cubbins and Angakok Panipaq he directed six 30 Seconds To Mars music videos already. Every of them was made with breadth what make that they looks like short movies. His first directing work is The Kill (earlier band worked with hired directors). Clip establish to movie The Shining by Stanley Kubrick- band is coming to abandoned hotel where begin to going on strange things. References to The Shining are quite loose however- instead of stage particular scenes (how Slipknot in Spit It Out do this), was evoked a atmosphere of Kubrick’s work, with modification of a plot.

To make a clip to From Yesterday, in turn inspirited by Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor, band came to China. Came into existence a dozen or so- minutes film, full of picturesque shots with conscientiously directed fight scenes and rich copied of emperor’s court (on a set were several hundred people). A Beautiful Lie was shoot on a Greenland, where members of band had to be up against chilblain and unstable melted glacier’s ground. Full of beautiful shots video has ecological message and income from this was allocate for environment protection.

Video to a tune Kings & Queens has own title: The Ride. Showed bike ride of band surrounded by hundreds fans on Los Angeles’ streets. To realized some of shots was had to close whole streets of vibrant by life city for be able to cyclists ridden on them. Team is passing by many of characteristic for L.A. places, and ride is ended on pier Santa Monica, been one of the main Los Angeles’ showplaces.

Simpler and less extravagant is clip to Closer To The Edge- edited from concerts shots intertwined with fans’ pronouncements. To film aesthetics band returned in Hurricane. Again we manage with epic work (divided in three parts), played out with Hollywood’s breadth, this time in convention of thriller with diffuse plot.

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