Family Well, here are like one picture every year dedicated to each member of the beautiful music group "Thirty Seconds To Mars" for her birthday, this time, it's up to nuetra god and father, "Jared. "

Well to tell this man really love him with all my being, let not met him as a person, never talk in person, as all Echelon, want that, but anyway, I could hear from the web and the for his interviews is that he is a totally humble, is a great person, talented, is unique!

Sometimes I think, "is a gift, being able to be an actor and musician at a time, and over, being the director of their videos, and starring in them, creating songs, is actually a very talented person and I admire much as is. "

I love you Jared, Echelon will always be like following and loving your music, and defending the group's main message:)

"Happy Birthday Jared"

Micaela Melo- Mikha Echelon