30 Seconds to Mars, Kanye West Collaboration Coming

The collaboration between 30 Seconds to Mars and Kanye West will see the light of day soon, frontman Jared Leto told MTV News.

A Kanye-less version of the track, “Hurricane,” was included on the band’s latest album, This Is War, because the rapper’s contribution couldn’t be cleared in time for the album’s December 2009 release. At the time, Leto vowed that the recording would be released some day. Now he says the band hopes West will even be available to shoot a video for the song.

“Let’s put it this way: It’s a collision of two worlds, and I think it’s a completely unexpected surprise,” Leto said. “He’s not only on the track, but he’s phenomenal on the track... It’s one of the strongest things that he’s done, in my opinion. It is a song that’s on the darker side of things. It’s the flipside of ‘Kings and Queens’ – which has a through line of optimism and hope, and a really strong spirit to it – this song explores a different territory, and his lyrics do the same. His singing is incredible on it, and he’s done a lot of really wonderful work, and I think this only adds to his work as a whole. Working with him was an incredible experience.”